!Leafy love

Let me tell you, when it comes to skins I’m quick to pick the conservative nude skins, I have never been able to venture into the color more expressive skins until the lovely Kaethe Dyrssen of !Leafy sent me her Luna line. The line are made up of bold and eye catching makeups that are not too over the top. Each skin comes with four brow options (Light Brow,Dark Brow, Thick Dark Brow, and Thick Light Brow) with an freckle skin option as well ,with a total of 5 skin tones available!

Below I’m modeling the tones Lune & Milk. :3

Hair: * 0 Style *Enrica*(Dark Copper)_M

Skins: !*Leafy – Luna – Milk(Sugar) All Options

Accesories: [bellballs] Cherry Blossom Disc Set-

Undies: *BOOM* I Promise Lace trim bra (seafoam and white)

Top tone:Milk Bottom Tone:Lune

Form Left to Right (Bell,Doll,Sugar,Violet,Cat,Forest)

Tp to !Leafy

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