Kaethe of Leafy! placed a Limited skin out this week! The skin comes with over 48 skin variations (( Oh my gosh! x.x)) no tattoo layers this time around. The skin comes with:

Red,Blonde,Dark & no brows version

Freckles,Light freckles, and a clean version

Cleavage & No cleavage

And if you haven’t yet visited the Zombiepopcorn Winter Magic you should put that on your “To Do List” the event ends on the 15th!

Hair:!lamb. Stereo – Grayscale Pack

Skin:!Leafy – Winter – Aura (Limited Edition)

Glasses:{Lemon Tea} – Big Wireframe Glasses (Silver)

Shirt:[PO] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse – white

Ears:.ILLUSORY. Elven Ear – a1 (( Not currently available))

Necklace:PIDIDDLE – Unicorn Horn Set – Cyan ((Currently Available at the Zombiepopcorn Winter Magic))

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