Pink Fuel’s Kumi

Pink Fuel. Need I say more?

Anyone who is a big skin collector or fanatic knows of the beautiful and original skins from Mochi Milena, Without a doubt everyone ( myself included) has been waiting on the edge of their seat curious on when she will release her new skin(s). From checking their flickr to checking blogs and notecards the release date is creeping in. Moving along.. I always wanted to do a guide for shoppers so here I go..

First up Kumi contains a total of 8 tones; Espresso, Mocha, Latte, Hazel, Ivory, Peach, Vanilla, and Java. (Pictures listed below)

With each makeup you will receive 5 brow color options brown,dark,light,medium,and red. Brow examples can be seen in the pictures below.

A new option with her skins I’ve noticed is a crease variation with certain makeups, in other words a different eyelid variation. (Crease variations can be seen below between Java and Mocha) Another variation buyers will be getting is the lipstick packages that come with every skin, there are 4 to be exact by the name of frost,tint,matte,and glaze.

The Makeups.

Hair: Lamb

Eyes: {D.A}

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