Sense the growing popularity of mesh heads I never could personally never get into it, one being I felt everyone would look the same and second none of them looked like me. I don’t have thin lips and a narrow nose. I’m a girl with thick lips and like Beyonce sung I love my negro nose. There was a time when none of the heads fitted what I looked like behind the screen. And I can only say thank you! Your creating more than the usual and expanding diversity in SL.


T h i n g s  you S h o u l d know.

Ashanty is a static mesh head which put simply has no animations. However the head comes with 5 default lips.Closed Lips, Parted 1, Parted 2, Parted 3, Parted 4.




C l o s e up.



Hair: *booN SAN886 hair

Top: Bossie. isla top [white]

Jacket: SEUL – Kia Bomber – Nude [Currently @ Uber]

Pants: Blueberry / Luxe Box September /

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